I'm a Liberty activist who Denver ANTIFA has
developed a massive obsession with.

Among other things, antifa has vandalized my house, published me on International antifa news sites, sent me threats, found my personal phone number (now changed), & more. Why does antifa hate me? Scroll down.
For more info on what exactly "antifa" is, hit the below button, as they are not "anti-fascists" as the name that they have co-opted implies.

Scroll down for more info on me.

My Work (and Antifa retaliation)


This site previously featured a few satirical antifa pages. Worked on this project w/anon contributors to troll antifa, it (fortunately) blew up more than expected.

Antifa coverage of antifascism.org

Antifa quickly painted the (troll) site as a "fascist honeypot" designed to collect, then potentially release Antifa information, if only I had thought of that (was thought of, let alone the purpose of the site)... Featured on various antifa twitter accounts, an ItsGoingDown smear piece, and a Vocativ article.

Antifa Valentine's Day home-visit

After the website debacle, the neo-commies decided to visit my folks' house and leave a message. Perfect example of their cowardly tactics. Featured on Campus Reform.

Social "Justice" Bake Sale at Regis University

I ran a Social "Justice" bake sale to call out the hypocrisy of Regis' University sponsored Social Justice Week. They are obsessed with quantifying opression, but didn't like it when I did. I was shut down by Dean of Students, Diane McSheehy, in just over 1hr.

TPUSA Moutain West Conference Counterprotest

On my way in on Saturday I was greeted by name by my fan club :). Later that day, I worked with Juan Caro to organize 50+ to counterprotest in minutes Saturday night, we had previously organized earlier that day (around noon), but it seems that the commies left to go toke up or something.

Coverage of TPUSA Counter Protest.

Myself, Ivan Throne of Dark Triad Man fame, and Juan Caro were cowardly singled out by national Antifa publications including Unicorn Riot (what a name) and It's Going Down. We were also featured many, many, many times on Unicorn Riot and other neo-commie twitters.

More soon(tm)

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